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How to gain weight

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If you are a skinny person like me, you have probably heard that you’re “too thin”, “look like a stick” etc etc. Let me tell you that it DOES NOT matter how or what your body looks like. We do not need the society to tell us how our bodies should be. What matters is how you feel, that you’re comfortable with your own body, in your own skin. This is very important.

I used to be very skinny. I still am skinny but a lot healthier than before. I used to weigh 35 kgs when I started college which then increased to 37 and now 43 kgs. Now, I’m gonna tell you about a few things I started to eat which helped me gain weight.


1. Cheese- yes, cheese really helped me gain weight. I used to eat raw cheese cubes until I found them way too salty to eat. Cheese will definitely help you gain weight.


2. Eggs- I am a vegetarian. So I do not eat meat or chicken or any kinds of animals or birds. However, I do eat eggs which has helped me gain weight rapidly over a period of time. Eggs are super yummy and it has given me strength and fat which my body needed. I highly recommend eggs to those who wants to gain weight and do not eat eggs and the plus side is that there are so many delicious ways and dishes that can be made out of eggs and everyone can make them according to their taste.


3. Beer- I know this might sound weird but beer belly is a real thing and I could not have gained this much weight without it. I know people say “drinking is injurious to health” but if you drink once or twice in a month, I do not think it will be so bad. Beer will definitely help you gain weight. It has helped me gain a lot of weight. So I recommend it.

So, these were my tips on how to gain weight. If you are new to weight gaining and these things are not on your diet list, I do urge you to try them out and see if they work for you. Like I mentioned above, everyone’s bodies are different and what has worked for me might not work for you. Anyhow I hope this helps you. If you have your own ways in which you have gained weight feel free to comment below and share it with the community.


I am a youtuber, an English Literature post graduate, a traveller and so much more. Looking for some work at the moment while I work on my YouTube channel.

4 replies on “How to gain weight”

When I started college I was 40kg….
But I then started following proper diet, start day with gram(soaked in water the whole night before you eat in next morning)& drink a glass of warm water,then in breakfast two boiled egg(I started with one…), one almond soaked in water whole night (only one). All this help me and now my weight is around 51 to 52kg… goes on & off between these two number!

Thankyou Aekta for sharing your diet to increase weight… Look that pic made it so interesting & understandable even if someone can’t read the whole… They will know what you want to say! You’re awesome….. Waiting for next! Till then be healthy & happier! Waiting for next blog & cover on YouTube both! God bless you!

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Thank you so so so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. ❤️
I will make a video soon but I’m afraid it will not be a studio cover. However, I am looking forward to share my knowledge of things I learned both here and on YouTube.


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