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So since the Covid-19 is still going strong and many people like me are unemployed, I have decided to write daily on this blog. I will be writing about whatever that occurs to me. Also about the readings I have done during this lockdown. I am planning on writing daily. I might also write multiple posts a day!!! If you wanna talk/discuss things I write about, I will reply to all the comments.

Here’s to being positive during this difficult times!!!


Aekta Bhojak’s personal touch to Bieber’s “Yummy” is DELICIOUS! | by Shaista Shams | Artsiner | Jul, 2020 | Medium

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Hi guys!!! It’s been a while.

I just have been busy and frankly I am not much of a writer in spite of my English Literature degree. I am a reader and a singer. As you might know from the title and my previous posts that I am a cover artist on YouTube. I have been working on a really good cover song called ‘Stuck With U’ originally performed by Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. The video will feature my sister. We have worked really hard on the video and the song. Hope you guys will check it out when it’s out on youtube.

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Food Blog

How to gain weight

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If you are a skinny person like me, you have probably heard that you’re “too thin”, “look like a stick” etc etc. Let me tell you that it DOES NOT matter how or what your body looks like. We do not need the society to tell us how our bodies should be. What matters is how you feel, that you’re comfortable with your own body, in your own skin. This is very important.

I used to be very skinny. I still am skinny but a lot healthier than before. I used to weigh 35 kgs when I started college which then increased to 37 and now 43 kgs. Now, I’m gonna tell you about a few things I started to eat which helped me gain weight.


1. Cheese- yes, cheese really helped me gain weight. I used to eat raw cheese cubes until I found them way too salty to eat. Cheese will definitely help you gain weight.


2. Eggs- I am a vegetarian. So I do not eat meat or chicken or any kinds of animals or birds. However, I do eat eggs which has helped me gain weight rapidly over a period of time. Eggs are super yummy and it has given me strength and fat which my body needed. I highly recommend eggs to those who wants to gain weight and do not eat eggs and the plus side is that there are so many delicious ways and dishes that can be made out of eggs and everyone can make them according to their taste.


3. Beer- I know this might sound weird but beer belly is a real thing and I could not have gained this much weight without it. I know people say “drinking is injurious to health” but if you drink once or twice in a month, I do not think it will be so bad. Beer will definitely help you gain weight. It has helped me gain a lot of weight. So I recommend it.

So, these were my tips on how to gain weight. If you are new to weight gaining and these things are not on your diet list, I do urge you to try them out and see if they work for you. Like I mentioned above, everyone’s bodies are different and what has worked for me might not work for you. Anyhow I hope this helps you. If you have your own ways in which you have gained weight feel free to comment below and share it with the community.

Mental Health

Mental Health

In this day and age, mental health should be prioritised more. Social media has affected mental health of almost all of us especially millennials. Each of us were made in a unique way and instead of working on ourselves and being kind to ourselves, we compare our lives with other people thanks to social media. 

No doubt, social media has benefited us all in a really good way. We can now earn money from social media. For example, YouTube. It is the most popular way of earning in 2019. But as anything else, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. The same goes for social media. People are more rude online than they are irl (YES LIKE ANY OTHER MILLENNIAL, I AM USING STAN TWITTER LINGO) which should not be a surprise. 
I think we all need to be a lot more kinder to ourselves and each other on social media as well as irl (in real life). 

Back to mental health, it is now talked about a lot more than when I was in school. Especially with the Indian mentality, there is still a lot of stigma around mental health. We always look on the outside and not on the inside. Our brains are very complex things. We can remember things someone told us years ago- which is a good and a bad thing at the same time. We often forget that our minds are a part of our body and we do not think it is necessary to keep it healthy. No doubt, we each can control our minds but sometimes when you have gone through trauma, depression, we can’t help ourselves but feel sad and our energies drained. That’s when mental health professionals come in. They help us re-evaluate things and put things into perspective. 
I think all of us need a therapist. Whom we can go to from time to time even if it is just to vent. Yes you can do that with your friends, family or partner, but sometimes it is better to take help from a professional and let the poison i.e. inside us, out. 

I cannot stress enough when I said we need to be kinder to each other on social media. Me being a youtuber, I get a lot of comments saying that I suck, that I should stop singing even when I have been trained for 3 and a half years and still going. People always try to say something negative, instead of giving constructive criticism. Some of the comments could affect me a lot if I was younger and cared about what people think, luckily I have grown up and do not care about what people think.

My point is, social media can really, really mess with our mental health if we do not take regular steps of SELF CARE. Even if you are not a millennial, but younger or older, make sure to keep your mental health in check and take regular breaks from social media and SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP. I think it’s time to be kinder to ourselves before we are kind to others. Self care is the key.

Feminist Criticism


The new generation has got the concept of feminism totally wrong.

Feminism is not at all ‘boy bashing‘. Feminism means EQUALITY for both men and women. Equal pay, equal recognition, equal treatment as human beings. The new generation thinks that feminism means trashing men which is absurd.

However, I think there is a lot of need of feminist people in our society because we need to remove gender roles from its roots in my opinion. I think we can start from little things like, don’t shame men for crying or helping around in the house like cooking, cleaning and do not call out women for earning and being single in her 30s or her lifetime.

Feminism for women means to be independent in every way. It means she can live her life on her own terms without the input of the society. As a 21st century woman, I am expected to get married by 26 and have kids by 30. But I have no intention of doing so. I have always been a sort of rebel. I hate being told what to do and I like doing my work independently. So being told what to do with my life is a big no from me.

As Ariana Grande rightfully sings ‘God is a woman’, I think we all need to let that message sink in and keep in mind that whenever we are disrespecting women, we are also disrespecting God. I think mysogynist people need to keep this in mind when they are being sexist.

And lastly, as I have mentioned above, feminism is not at all boy bashing which many of the ‘stan twitter’ accounts fail to understand. P.S. if you don’t know what stan twitter is you’re probably too old. But anyway, I hope this post made an impact on you and I hope that you will keep fighting for the equal rights of men and women all around the globe.


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